Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Death Sentence: London #4 (Comic)

The smash-hit sex, death, and superpowers series continues – now ongoing!

  • London remains under curfew, as electrical storms wreak havoc on the city and bomb-damaged infrastructure and martial law leads to chaos and rioting on the streets!
  • Verity comes into her own – kicking ass with weaponised creativity and G-plus-enhanced reflexes!
  • At the Chronicle, reporter Peter Fincham begins to put the pieces together about the government’s involvement in the G-plus crisis – will Verity survive long enough to turn informant?
  • And at the heart of the riot – a brand-new G-plus cover star: Roots!

Writer Monty Nero
Artist Martin Simmonds
Letterer Comicraft
Source: Titan (via CBR)