Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bowery Boys: Our Fathers (HC)

The price of freedom is paid in blood

When his father is framed for murder, immigrant Nikolaus McGovern rallies a motley crew of street youths in a rip-roaring coming-of-age adventure based on the period history of antebellum New York City! Against a backdrop of rampant political corruption, vicious street gangs, nascent labor reform, and ardent xenophobia, can Niko and his friends triumph in a life-or-death battle against their oppressors—or will they succumb to the engines of socioeconomic progress?

  • An original graphic novel collecting the acclaimed web series!

Writer: Cory Levine
Artist: Ian Bertram, Brent McKee
Colorist: Rodrigo Aviles
Cover Artist: Ian Bertram
Source: Dark Horse