Monday, August 31, 2015

Swords Of Sorrow: Pantha/Jane Porter #1 (Comic)

Ancient Egyptian demon hunter and shape shifter, Pantha, is thrown across a Rift into the early twentieth century London, straight into the path of Jane Porter, American explorer, aviatrix and new wife to Tarzan. Pantha hasn’t come alone, however, as London is plunged into chaos by the appearance of a Great Pyramid in the sky… and what it contains. Up against gods, monsters, Purgatori, and each other, the pair need all the help that ancient magic and modern aviation can supply to stop London from turning into a new hell on earth.

Writer Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who) and artist Rod Rodolfo (Battlestar Galactica, John Carter: Warlord of Mars) reimagine these two characters - complete with all new costumes - in this turn-of-the-century pulp-action one-shot adventure.

Cover: Mirka Andolfo
Writer: Emma Beeby
Art: Rod Rodolfo
Source: Dynamite

Sherlock Holmes Vs Harry Houdini (TPB)

When the world's most famous detective meets the world's most famous magician... death is the case!

Escape artist Harry Houdini’s London tour comes under attack from a mysterious figure that controls the powers of spirits. The goal? To destroy Houdini’s career and kill anyone who gets in the way. Houdini reluctantly teams with sleuth Sherlock Holmes, who is locked in a fight of his own. Can the two rise above their own battles to overcome a seemingly impossible force?

Written by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, the Harvey Award-nominated creators of Kill Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini is a witty adventure full of magic, spirits, technology and deduction. It’s a mystery you won’t be able to escape.

Cover: John Cassaday
Writer: Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery
Art: Carlos Furuzono
Source: Dynamite

John Carter: Warlord Of Mars #10 (Comic)


It ain't easy being green! With John Carter and Dejah Thoris lost somewhere in the Martian wastes, Thark chieftain Tars Tarkas takes it upon himself to search for his missing friends. Accompanied by the most fearsome of sidekicks in Woola, the shocking threat Tars uncovers in the desert sands is beyond even his warrior skills. Mighty Martian action in the tradition of creator Edgar Rice Burroughs!

Cover A Main: Bart Sears
Cover B Variant: Abhishek Malsuni
Cover C Variant: Emanuela Lupacchino
Writer: Ron Marz, Ian Edgington
Art: Ariel Medel
Source: Dynamite

Jennifer Blood: Born Again (TPB)


The streets of La La Land run red when Jennifer Blood returns to declare a new war on the mobs... or does she? As a low-level hood plots to leverage her in a bid to take over the Los Angeles underworld, her war attracts some very dangerous attention and unexpectedly sets a lethal international chain of events in motion. A deadly new direction from writer Steven Grant, the acclaimed writer of The Punisher and creator of 2 Guns!

This volume collects the complete 5-issue series by Steven Grant and Kewber Baal, along with all of the covers by Stephen Segovia, and the original script to issue #1.

Cover: Stephen Segovia
Writer: Steven Grant
Art: Kewber Baal
Source: Dynamite

We Are Robin #3 (Comic)

The Robins finally meet Batman himself…but is it everything they imagined it would be? And what will the Dark Knight think of them?

Art by: Jorge Corona, Khary Randolph, Rob Haynes
Cover by: Lee Bermejo
Variant cover by: Sean Murphy
Written by: Lee Bermejo
Source: DC

Justice League Of America #3 (Comic)

Churches of Rao are being built all over the world. A new world religion has appeared seemingly overnight. Sick people are healed. The world suddenly knows peace. So what’s wrong with this picture? The Justice League is about to violently find out.

Art by: Daniel Henriques, Bryan Hitch
Cover by: Bryan Hitch
Variant cover by: Tradd Moore
Written by: Bryan Hitch
Source: DC