Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rogue (Cosplay)

Featuring Bobafatt88.

The Joker (Cosplay)

Featuring Chris Stone.

Black Widow (Cosplay)

Featuring Stephanie Stone.

Harley Quinn (Cosplay)

Source: Gotham City Sirens

Athena (Cosplay)

Source: Eat More Geek

Silk Spectre (Cosplay)

Featuring Iris Afasia.

Lady Thor (Cosplay)

Featuring Imagination Beth.

Episode 45: Lost Things Set Down On An Alien Shore

This week, McPierce discusses the five issue miniseries which adapted Harlan Ellison's original idea for "The City On The Edge Of Forever". He also talks about fixing the structure of the podcast, his love of Harlan Ellison's writing and AGAIN talks about that first time he saw Ellison in person. But at least he left out that part where he insulted him by accident...

Recap Podcast

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The song this week was "She Make It So" by Warp 11.

Thor And Loki (Cosplay)

Source: Blackwater Cosplay

Scarecrow (Cosplay)

Featuring Matt Sprunger.

Amazon (Cosplay)

Featuring Faces Of Freya.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Penguins Of Madagascar #1 (Comic)

DreamWorks' Penguins of Madagascar are getting their own brand new 4-issue comic series! Yep, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private are jumping from the big and small screen to the CMYK panels!

Written by comedy genius Alex Matthews (Phoenix, Dandy) with eye-popping art from Lucas Fereyra, feathers are set to fly in this unique and exciting – and very funny – new series.

The Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #17 (Comic)

  • This is it! The end! The finale! The big wrapuperoo!!

Spider-Man 2099 #6 (Comic)

  • Picking up where Amazing Spider-Man #10 ends, Miguel O’Hara is finally back in the year 2099!
  • But no time for nostalgia! Spider-Man 2099, Lady Spider, and the six-armed Spider-Man are on the run for their lives from the dangerously ravenous Inheritors!