Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fear Agent Vol. #5 : I Against I (TPB) - Second Edition

Heath Huston, the last Fear Agent, finds himself marooned on the desolate Planet Westx, populated by gun-slinging robots, venomous mutants, and buxom cowgirls. Creators Rick Remender and Tony Moore reunite to bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly in a sci-fi western shot through the heart! Collects issues #22–#27.

“[Fear Agent] is the rarest of the rare; pure action mixed with an intense look at humanity.”—Comics Bulletin

Veil #4 (Comic)

The truth about Veil leads even more eyes to focus on the strange young woman found wandering out of an empty subway tunnel. Passions run high around her as the body count increases, but is she just an object of desire—or a force to be reckoned with in her own right?

  • From Eisner Award winner Greg Rucka!

The EC Archives: Two-Fisted Tales Vol. #3 (HC)

Before Two-Fisted Tales burst onto the scene in 1950, war comics were largely unsophisticated, focusing only on action and adventure—wartime propaganda, essentially. But under the editorial direction of Harvey Kurtzman—who also penned the majority of the stories therein—Two-Fisted Tales dared to examine all the horror and madness to be found on the battlefield. Collecting Two-Fisted Tales issues #30–#35 in fully remastered digital color.

  • Features stories created by comic artists Gene Colan, Johnny Craig, Reed Crandall, Jack Davis, Will Elder, Ric Estrada, George Evans, Joe Kubert, John Severin, and Wally Wood!
  • Foreword by Joe Kubert!

Gasoline Alley: The Complete Sundays Vol. #2 - 1923-1925 (HC)

Presenting the second in a series that will collect, in chronological order, all the Sunday pages of the celebrated newspaper strip! Discover the abundant wonder and dazzling beauty in the world—as seen through the eyes of creator Frank King and his beloved characters, Walt and Skeezix—in some of Gasoline Alley’s most artistically imaginative art! Reprinted in full color, this giant-sized volume collects every Gasoline Alley Sunday strip from 1923 through 1925.

  • One of the most influential and critically acclaimed newspaper strips of all time!
  • The second-longest-running comic strip in the US—still published after almost 100 years!

Art Monster #3 (Comic)

As Victor and Ivan struggle with their experimentations, an equally macabre series of events take place across the street at the town’s funeral home. Operated by the enigmatic owner known simply as Leland, the questionable undertaker’s expansive property houses more than it appears.

Tally Marks #1 (Comic)

Natalie “Tally” Nourigat is drawing her way through Europe. These comics collect the highlights from her travel sketchbooks, including caricatures of everyday people, environment studies, sketches from her imagination, and short comics. This first issue includes travel sketches from Brooklyn, the French countryside, and Florence. Don’t miss Tally’s impressions of Brooklyn skaters, Michelangelo’s David, geriatric beach-goers, and giant French slugs.

X-Men #16 (Comic)

  • The Future has come calling…and he wants his son Shogo back!
  • But will Jubilee and the X-Men let their bouncing baby boy go without a fight?
  • Spoiler alert: HELL NO!

Uncanny X-Men #24 (Comic)

With the secrets held within Xavier's will laid bare, how will the X-Men cope with the shadows of his past? Could a power previously unknown to them now be their greatest threat?

Ultimate FF #5 (Comic)



  • Trapped outside the Universe, an old friend returns to help.
  • The Secret Origin of XXXXXXXXX REVEALED!
  • Something unimaginable comes through the rift.

Secret Avengers #6 (Comic)


  • Black Widow, Spider-Woman and Hawkeye go after Lady Bullseye and Artaud Derrida.
  • What does S.H.I.E.L.D. want with the Fury? M.O.D.O.K. will show you!
  • Coulson’s investigation takes him to Peru.